Shannon was born in Phoenix in 1976 and grew up in Chino Valley. She is the 6th child in her family and was born an animals lover. Evan as a child, she loved being outdoors and riding horses. She started as a kennel tech at Anasazi Animal Hospital after 8th grade, and in 1995 she became a veterinary technician at the El Mirage Animal Hospital where she worked for the next 8 years. During that time she had two sons who were also born animal lovers, just like their mom. Shannon has been the loving owner of a chubby bulldog named Jojo, a boxer Sissy, and a Doberman named Athena as well as a rabbit, turtle and hamster. Shannon began working at Indian Bend Animal Hospital for Dr. Kathryn Allen in 2003. Since then she has assisted in multiple life-saving surgeries and taken care of many wonderful animals. She has developed a friendly repoire with many owners, fellow animals lovers, peers and veterinarians. Shannon is very active with her sons’ school activities and sports, and she loves being around her family, especially her mom and dad. You can always find Shannon cheering for the Arizona Cardinals unless they are playing against her favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.