Dental Cleanings

Dental Specials from February’s dental health month have been extended into March, and all of us here at Indian Bend Animal Hospital would love to help improve your pet’s oral health and comfort.

Our professional dental cleanings include pre-anesthetic sedation/pain control, intravenous catheter and fluids, gas anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring, complete oral health exam/charting/probing, ultrasonic and hand scaling, subgingival curettage and tooth polishing.

We are also proud to now be able to increase our level of dental care with digital dental radiography. For the month of February, dental xrays will be performed at no additional cost (normally $75). The cost for the dental cleaning will be discounted 10% for dental special month—a savings of $45.40. The price for the cleaning will be $408.60.

We recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork on all pets. This recommendation becomes stronger with advancing patient age or concurrent disease, becoming mandatory for animals ages 9 and over. During dental special a basic pre-anesthetic blood panel is available at $68.50. This panel can be performed the morning of the procedure or up to 10 days prior.

Please call us today at 602-867-2992 to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning!